How to Join RAW

Please be aware that RAW recruits is more of a community then a clan and as such it is not necessary to join RAW to be a part of this community, you already have access to most of the facilities we have to offer.

However, if you wish to wear the [RaW] tag in game, then you must be seen as taking an active part in our community. This means regularly playing in our servers, posting in our forum and joining us on our Mumble voice server.

Please note that you must be aged 16 or over to join RAW, as most of the games we play have at least, either an ESRB M (Mature) or a 16+ PEGI rating. However, there are no age restrictions for joining the forum, just the clan.

Please fill in the application form below, We will reply A.S.A.P. If you are accepted then you will receive an e-mail explaining what to do next, there is a six week trial period and you will be able to wear the [RaWr] trial tag in-game during this time.

Application Form

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Red Orchestra 2 FEAR Call of Duty 4 Unreal Tournament 3

Comments are not necessary. However, if you have any experience in making mods, maps for games or any other specialities, please let us know!

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